Thanks to Our Helpers

The observatory wishes to thank the following persons who generously donated their time and materials to the project:

DonorObject or Service
W. Ron Smith
  • Donated and delivered the bulding itself, parts numbered
  • Manufactured form for the concrete pier
  • Engineered upgrades, expecially in the area of the dome
  • Refabricated 3-piece shutter system for dome
  • Helped shop around for parts at Home Depot
  • Acted as foremen during construction
  • Acted as building inspector
  • Loaned tools for construction
Denise Diegel Real estate agent and wife of an amateur astronomer who understood the value of dark skies to the home builder for helping to locate the lot.
Vivian Hann For parting with 9.8 acres of her land.
Gary Hann For augering the holes for the building's footers and pier.
Thomas Mathis Original machining of the main instrument's heavy duty mount using castings from the defunct company known as Telescope World ™.
Precision Specialties of Baltimore Built the clock drive system for the main instument as well as machining other features for convenience and safety on the heavy duty equatorial mounting.
Paul Henze Prepared the wiring schematic for the main instrument's clock drive motor.
Winfield Welding For machining the pier.
Cal Richards Assisted in installation of telescope
Ray Sterner Donated a used Company 7 ™ 12V 12 Amp-Hour battery pack. Once the dead 6 volt sealed cells were replaced this provided a backup to the primary battery pack.
Starship Ambassador Hambug from the asteroid Serec Mundo For deviating from her official journey to Temoc Raenil in order to attend the frist light star party during her 2001 space odyssey.
Tom Renn Donated both solar panels used for providing the observatory's star power.
Wayne Roelle, P.E. Assisted in the planning and installation of the solar powered electrical feed and the observatory's internal lighting system.
A.J. Deluca Contractors, Inc. In 2019, Tony and company replaced the exterior wall and reinforced the floor following damage by groundhogs that managed to embed themselves in the ground beneath the observatory. This is the same company that refurbished the Blaine F. Roelke Memorial Observatory (BFRMO) at Bear Branch Nature Center (BBNC) in Westminster, Maryland.

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